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You know what I can’t WAIT to do once lockdown is lifted? Head to the beach.

Not for a swim (the waves freak me out – I grew up swimming in pools and placid lakes in Canada), but to watch and to listen.

To watch the waves swirling and crashing, to hear the roar as they smash into land. The birds. The wind. The salty air.

It’s been months since I’ve seen the open ocean, the coast is outside my 5km zone in Sydney.

I’m not alone in my yearning – nature can have a profound impact on our mental health.

So in this week’s newsletter, the first of a four-part series on the things that have been getting us through Covid, we bask in the power of nature. From a journey through the Australian landscape, to making the most of your backyard, to the quirky history of bushwalking.

Here’s to celebrating the great outdoors, in all its forms.

‘Till next time,

How to use your backyard to improve your wellbeing