Our excellent small lending library can be accessed by leaving a phone message at our office on 9076 4784 – a list of titles can be emailed or mailed to you.  We welcome enquiries about our library as we have added many titles this year and encourage you to call us for a list of books available and borrowing procedures.

The current list includes:

Author Title
Recovery: The Experience and the Evidence
TV Programs – 4 Corners, Aust Story, Insight 2010
Cath South & Stewart Carter (Directors) Kids Business (DVD)
Ken Alexander Understanding and Coping with Schizophrenia
Raelene Allen Gone to Pot
Xavier Amador I am Not Sick, I Don’t Need Help! (10th Anniversary Edition)
Xavier Amador I’m Right, You’re Wrong, Now What?
John Ashfield Taking Care of Yourself and Your Family
Nikki Babbit (Ph.D.) Adolescent Drug & Alcohol Abuse
Randi Kreger & Paul Mason Taking your Life Back: Stop Walking on Eggshells
Richard P. Bentall Madness Explained
Lisa & Diane Berger We Heard the Angels of Madness
Claire Berman; Ken Steele The Day the Voices Stopped
BeyondBlue Carer’s Stories of Hope and Recovery
Beyond-Blue Depression Yarns
Beyond-Blue Stories of Hope and Recovery (Vol 2)
Sidney Bloch Understanding Troubled Minds (2nd ed.)
Bouverie FAST Family Sensitive Training
Elizabeth Brondolo & Xavier Amador Break the Bipolar Cycle
Jo Buchanan Copping it Sweet
Jo Buchanan Wings of Madness
J. F. J. Cade Mending the Mind
Allen Carr The Only Way to Stop Smoking Permanently
Cath South and Stewart Carter Kid’s Business
Rosalynn Carter Helping Someone with Mental Illness
Centre-for-Mental-Health-Research Help for Depression
Christine; Lampe, Lisa Read Depression
As Told to Mary Clark; Photography by Ann Balla Altered Lives
Bryan L. Court; Gerald E. Nelson (M.D.) Bipolar Puzzle Solution
Stephen R. Covey The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families
Graeme Cowan Back From the Brink Too
Larry Davidson Living Outside Mental Illness
Pat Deegan Recovery
Anne Deveson Tell Me I’m Here
Barry Dickins Unparallelled Sorrow
Andrew Preston and Mark Doverty The Methadone Handbook
Edelman, Sarah Change Your Thinking
Arlene Eisenberg; Howard Eisenberg; Al J. Mooney The Recovery Book
Families-Annonymous-Inc Today a Better Way
Family-and-Human-Services (Standing Committee on) The Winnable War on Drugs
Family-Drug-Support A Guide to Coping
Ronald Fieve Moodswing
Jennifer Florence (… [Et Al.]) Money for Life
James Frey A Million Little Pieces
Froggatt; Fadden; Johnson; Leggatt & Shankar Families as Partners in Mental Health Care
Raimond Gaita Romulus, My Father
Emma Gilbert Information on Eating Disorders for Families, Partners & Friends
Bruce Goldstein Puppy Chow is Better Than Prozac
Livingston Gordon (MD) Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart and and Never Stop Dancing
Colleen Green; Graeme Davies The Carer Experience
David Grounds Ecstasy & Agony
Mark Haddon The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
Halsted, Holman;Sobel;Laurent; Gonzalez; Minor; & Lorig Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions
Hamilton, Craig Broken Open – How One Man Stared Down His Demons to Recover From a Mental Breakdown
Dr Craig Hassad Know Thyself + Double CD (Mindfulness)
Dr. Craig Hassed Essence of Health
Agnes B. Hatfield (Phd) Family Education in Mental Illness
Alvina Hill To Dance Across the Heavens
Kay Redfield Jamison An Unquiet Mind (Bi-polar disorder)
Susan Jeffers (Phd) End the Struggle and Dance with Life
Sandy Jeffs Flying with Paper Wings
Sandy Jeffs Poems From the Madhouse
Julie Tallard Johnson Hidden Victims Hidden Healers
Madeleine Kelly Life on a Rollercoaster
Betty Kitchener; Anthony Jorm Mental Health First Aid Manual
Marygrace Levakis (Written and Illustrated by) The Blues in Poetry
B.C. Levinson I Just Want My Daughter Back
Jan Liddicut (Illustrated by Linda Mckay) Is Dad Crazy?
Lifeline Suicide Intervention Handbook
Kate Lorig Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions
Diane T. Marsh (Ph.D); Rex Dickens How to Cope with Mental Illness in Your Family
Julie McCrossin Time for You
Richard McLean Recovered, Not Cured (SANE Book of the Year)
The MHS Conference (20th Annual) The MHS Conference – Book of Abstracts
Bob Montgomery Coping with Stress
Bob Montgomery; Laurel Morris Surviving
Al J. Mooney The Recovery Book
Margaret Moorman My Sister’s Keeper
Sylvia Nasar A Beautiful Mind
National-Health-and-Medical-Research-Council Depression in Young People
Dianne Nelson Unveiling Schizophrenia
Novartis Clozaril
NSW-Health-Northern-Sydney/Central-Coast Uncharted Waters (Book + DVD)
Caroline P. O’Grady; W.J. Wayne Skinner A Family Guide to Concurrent Disorders
Jill Parris Shedding the Black Coat
Pfizer-Neuroscience Bring Back the Sunshine
Maria Prendergast Understanding Depression
Saxby Pridmore The Case of Joshua Kirk
Reach-Out-Southern-Mental-Health Clinicians, Carers and Confidentiality
Phil Rich (EdH, MSW); Stuart a Copans (MD) The Healing Journey Through Addiction
John Elder Robison Be Different
Yetta Rothberg A Tale to Tell
Dorothy Rowe Depression
Sarah Russell A Lifelong Journey
Oliver Sacks Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat (Picador)
Elyn R Saks The Centre Cannot Hold
Sane-Australia The Sane Guide to Anxiety Disorders + DVD
Sane-Australia Families and Mental Illness (DVD)
Sane-Australia The SANE Guide for Families
Sane-Australia The Sane Guide to Bipolar Disorder
Sane-Australia The Sane Guide to Depression
Sane-Australia The SANE Guide to Getting Back to Work
Sane-Australia The Sane Guide to Healthy Living
Sane-Australia The Sane Guide to Schizophrenia
Sane-Australia The Sane Guide to Staying Alive
Sane-Australia The Smokefree Zone
Sane-Australia Speaking From Experience
Moya Sayer-Jones Another Day
Lori Schiller The Quiet Room
Fitzroy Legal Service Services Directory for Drug & Alcohol Users 2007 Edition
Paul F Smith Cannabis on the Brain
Ken Steele; Claire Berman The Day the Voices Stopped
J. D. Stottlemire You, Me and Apollo
Kurt Synder Me, Myself, and Them
Roberta Temes (Ph.D.) Getting Your Life Back Together When You Have Schizophrenia
E. Fuller Torrey Surviving Schizophrenia – A Manual for Families, Patients, and Providers
Tony Trimingham Not My Family Never My Child (about drug dependency)
Ruth Vine Clinicians, Carers and Confidentiality
John Watkins Healing Schizophrenia
John Watkins Hearing Voices
John Watkins Living with Schizophrenia
John Watkins Psychosis and Achizophrenia
John Watkins Unshrinking Psychosis: Understanding and Healing the Wounded Soul
Andrew T. Weil (M.D.) From Chocolate to Morphine
Mark Williams; John Teasdale; Zindel Segal; Jon Kabat-Zinn The Mindful Way Through Depression
Simon Winchester The Surgeon of Crowthorne
Woolis, Rebecca (M.F.C.C.) When Someone You Love Has a Mental Illness
Peter Wyden Conquering Schizophrenia
Phyllis York; David York; Ted Wachtel Toughlove