Other Links

Australian Council of Social Service is the peak body of the community services and welfare sector and the national voice for the needs of people affected by poverty and inequality.  http://www.acoss.org.au/

Choice Magazine has published an article on Mental Health Professionals which explains the difference between psychiatrists, psychologists and counsellors.  The article can be accessed via the following link http://shar.es/rDrqX

Emerge women and children’s support service 1300 536 330.   Emerge can assist in all kinds of ways, whether it’s practical or emotional support, temporary accommodation, assistance with legal matters, referral to therapy and counselling, or preventative community education. Contact 1300 536 330 email mail@emergesupport.org.au, facebook.com/emergesupport  www.emergesupport.org

Centre for Excellence in Peer Support (Mental Health) 1300 237 199, email peer.support@arafemi.org.au.  A Charter of Peer Support was developed by people with mental health issues and families/carers with the support of the Mutual Support and Self Help Consortium in 2011.

L.I.S.A. Inc  Is a  a small unfunded support and lobby group working where the large funded advocacy groups are generally reluctant to tread. L.I.S.A. empowers and supports families having a member living in supported accommodation to better understand service provision procedures, care policies, standards and values, and thereby be better positioned to scrutinise service providers to ensure their family member receives quality of life care rather than minder care.  www.lisainc.com.au

Tree of Life Centre for Spirituality 0421 430 583 (10am-4pm) offers programs for groups and individuals designed to cultivate inner wholeness and communal belonging.

WIRE Women’s Information and Referral Exchange provides Victorian women with free and confidential support, information and referrals on any issues.  Wire supports women via their Telephone Support Service, 1300 134 130 from 9.30 – 4.30pm Monday to Friday, Women’s Information Centre, 372 Spencer St, Melbourne VIC 3003 and an email support service support@wire.org.au