Access for All Abilities
Operated by Reclink Australia, Access for All Abilities provides Australia’s only first-point-of call service connecting people with a disability to sports and recreational opportunities in Melbourne, Victoria.  Access for All Abilities Play will work with the enquirer to identify what activity they wish to be involved in, what their disabilities are and where they are located. Drawing on a network of State Sporting Associations (SSAs), active community clubs, local governments and disability specific sport and recreation providers, AAA Play can link each person with a suitable sport or recreation activity, in a timely manner.

For further information contact 1800 222 842, mobile 0434 693 902,
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Alma Road Community House 9209 6351, 200 Alma Road, St Kilda East
Offers classes, courses and activities for people with disabilities.  For a term program and further information about services at this centre visit:

Arts Access Victoria 9699 8299, 222 Bank Street, South Melbourne VIC 3205, email  is dedicated to an ambitious agenda of social and artistic transformation for people with disability, the communities in which they live and the arts sector in which they aspire to participate without barriers.
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City of Port Phillip’s (CoPP)
Joint Council Access for all Abilities
If you are interested in any of the arts and recreation programs contact Joint Council Access for All Abilities (JCAAA) on 9209 6706/ 9209 6159 or email
See the website for more information

The City of Port Phillip has a strong commitment to access and equity in the development and provision of arts and cultural opportunities to people with specific needs and those who are disadvantaged.

Access Arts Development
Access Arts Development contributes to the Port Phillip community by increasing avenues for participation by those who would otherwise not have access to these participation opportunities including people with mental illness, disabilities and those living in supported accommodation.

Rag Theatre is a community based arts activity supported by the City of Port Phillip as part of a commitment to a range of cultural and leisure opportunities that foster a connected and engaged community.

Formed in 1991, the Fog Theatre is a performance based arts project that caters for adults with an intellectual disability. Fog Theatre weekly workshops provide company members with additional experiences through performance opportunities links to other drama groups, and connections with other activities in the City of Port Phillip and the broader community.

The SPARC Theatre program is inclusive of people who live in supported accommodation in the City of Port Phillip. SPARC Theatre meets weekly to explore drama, acting, singing and other art forms.

Formed in 2001 Rawcus is a unique ensemble of performers with and without disabilities. In 2011 Rawcus presented the world’s largest all abilities flashmob at Federation Square in the heart of Melbourne.

The mentoring project welcomes individual emerging artists with a disability who live or work in the City of Port Phillip. The mentoring project provides an opportunity for individuals to work closely with Council’s Community Cultural Development Officer to develop skills and increase confidence. The project has a strong focus on the arts, health and wellbeing. The project values collaborative and inclusive artistic processes and outcomes.

Inner South Community Health Service (ISCHS)  If you would like to get involved in the Physical Activity Priority or in strengthening social connections in Port Melbourne please contact the SHIP Team on 9525 1300 or email
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MOIRA – Spiral  and Janus Programs 8552 2222
provides support to adults (aged 18 to 64) with a disability living in registered Supported Residential Services in the cities of Glen Eira, Port Phillip and Stonnington.
Janus is available to adults (aged 18 to 64) who have a mild intellectual disability, and who want to live independently with limited support. This service is available to eligible adults living in the cities of Stonnington, Port Phillip, Glen Eira, Bayside or Kingston.
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Out Doors Inc 9417 2111, 231 Napier Street, Fitzroy 3065, is a statewide not-for-profit organisation that delivers outdoor adventure and recreation programs for people at risk or living with poor mental health.Out Doors’ programs range from day, overnight and 2-5 day trips focused on the specific needs of people living with a mental illness.  For information about programs see

Prahran Mission Engagement Hub 9525 5478, 101 Carlisle Street, St Kilda,
The Engagement Hub has two main focusses:

  • to provide a safe and welcoming community for people who want to connect with others with similar experiences
  • to encourage and assist people with a mental health support need who would like to become a client of Prahran Mission’s mental health services, and receive support to access an Individual Client Support package.  For more information see

Prahran Mission LGBTQIA+

Diversity and Advocacy Program
The Diversity and Advocacy Program provides individualised and group support to people who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex or Asexual (LBGTQIA+) and who experience mental health challenges.
The program:

  • facilitates a social group for LBGTQIA+ people who experience mental health issues, known as OUTminds
  • provides diversity training within Prahran Mission, and to other health providers in the greater community.

OUTminds is a social group for people who identify as LGBTQIA+, who experience mental health challenges.

It collectively promotes an accepting, safe and supportive environment in which to stay connected with the LGBTQIA+ community.

Rainbow Connections
Rainbow Connections is a peer therapeutic group for people who identify as LBGTQIA+, who experience mental health challenges. It provides a space for reflection, a space to find a voice, a space to make new discoveries, a space to make connections, and a space to learn from another.
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