Tandem eNews #148, 12 October 2021

Dear members and supporters,

Happy Carers Week, and Happy Mental Health Week to boot!

If there was ever a time for recognising and celebrating family and friends who care and support those with mental health issues, it’s now. Most people with caring responsibilities have been carrying an extra load over the last 18 months of the pandemic, and our own mental health has taken a hit too.

This year’s theme is Millions of Reasons to Care, which aims to bring attention to the 2.65 million unpaid carers around the country, and provide an authentic picture of caring in Australia.

In Victoria, there are 60,000 people caring for an adult living with mental illness, with about 9,000 of these being people under the age of 25.

We hope that you can find the time to attend some of the events for Carers Week and Mental Health Week/Month, and find some way to nourish yourself and acknowledge just how much you manage to do.

There are a range of events on to celebrate carers, and all are online & free! You can find an event calendar on our website.

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And our Mental Health hero?

The staff at Tandem nominated our CEO, Marie Piu, as our Mental Health hero this Mental Health Month!

We nominated her for her advocacy work to ensure that the voices of family and friends in mental health are heard.

We’re sure that members will agree that Marie’s work is nothing short of heroic!

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