VMIAC Election Platform and Tandem Comments on Victorian Carer Strategy


We’re the peak Victorian non-government organisation for people with lived experience of mental health or emotional issues.

Inner South Family and Friends Support Group Meeting 14 August 2018

Our group has been very fortunate in having speakers from two very important organisations present a summary of their election platform and the Victorian Carer Strategy.  Maggie Toko CEO and Indigo Daya Human Rights Advisor from Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council (VMIAC) spoke of specific issues of concern for consumers and Marie Piu CEO Tandem spoke on the Victorian Carer Strategy and issues of concern for carers and consumers.  “Tandem particularly welcomed commitments that will affect families and friends of people with mental health issues. “

Click on the link below to access VMIAC election platform:

Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council: https://www.vmiac.org.au/election-18/

You can read the Victorian Carer Strategy via the following link:

Tandem: http://www.tandemcarers.org.au/carer-strategy.php

Victorian Carer Strategy 2018–22