New GP Psychiatry Support Line


New GP Psychiatry Support Line

The GP Psychiatry Support Line is a free phone-in service available for GPs to help them manage the mental health care of their patients. GPs can call 1800 16 17 18 to speak directly with a qualified psychiatrist.

Their psychiatrists support GPs with information and advice regarding specific cases or general enquiries. Advice includes but is not limited to:

  • Diagnosis
  • Medication
  • Investigation
  • Treatment pathways and safety planning.

The service is available between 7am and 7pm, (AEST)Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

Here are some examples of the topics discussed:

  • Following a traumatic experience, my patient has presented with PTSD.
  • I have a teenage patient showing early signs of suicidal ideation.
  • My patient has a history of opioid abuse and appears to be “Dr Shopping”.
  • I’m seeing a child, whose parents are recently divorced. She is struggling with depression and showing signs of self-harm.
  • My patient’s husband has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. She is using alcohol to help her cope with her anxiety and depression.
  • I have reason to suspect that my patient’s parent is abusing the medication prescribed to her child.
  • My patient has severe anorexia, refuses to eat, and has almost halved their weight.

Please note, the support line is NOT a triage, referral, or emergency service.