Care Finder: Helping people navigate Aged Care


Care Finder: Helping people navigate Aged Care

Discover how Care Finder Programs help seniors who can’t access aged care services through Francis’ story.

Following a presentation to an Aged Care Assessment Team,COTA Victoria received a referral from an assessment clinician for Care Finder support to be provided.

COTA Victoria called Francis to advise of their service and to try and determine eligibility. Francis advised that his daughter, although living locally, has limited contact with him and he didn’t feel comfortable asking her for assistance. It was at his daughter’s recommendation that he sell his house and move into his current flat, which he was not happy about.

In liaising with My Aged Care, it was discovered that Francis had additional approvals which he was not accessing, including a pending Home Care Package Level 3 (HCP3) which was to be assigned in 3-6 months, and a continence assessment.

How Care Finder helped Francis:

  • Assistance with My Aged Care paperwork to determine service eligibility
  • Income assessment to provide financial assistance and support
  • Continence nurse
  • Social engagement opportunities
  • Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) for Domestic Assistance and Shopping.

To learn more about the Care Finder Program, visit the SEMPHN website.