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Alfred Health Carer News August 2023


AHCS June-August 2023 events

This program covers events scheduled from June – August 2023. In the program you will find all the information you need to know about the events, and how to join in.
Remember all our events are FREE!Lots of our events have availability, but some of our events have limited places.  Where places are limited, please register to express your interest and we will email you if we are able to offer you a place.   As a subscriber to our e-Newsletter you can find out about new events, updates or changes to the events program.Make sure you also keep an eye on the “What’s On” section of our website for any updates to the calendar (changes to the program or added events).If you have any further questions call us on 03 9076 6644.
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Alfred Health Carer Services August 2023 News

Inner South Family and Friends Support Group Meeting Tuesday 8 August 2023



ALLIRA McCALL, Family Therapy Practice Lead, Occupational Therapist, St Kilda Rd Clinic, AMAH, will provide a short introduction to new family therapy services available at AMAH 

SPEAKER: SHAMUS GOBLE, Manager Family Led Carer Centres, Star Health
TOPIC: The Impact of Family Led Carer Centres in the South East Region
VENUE: Level four, AMAH, Spotless Building, 549 St Kilda Road, Melbourne 

The building is a little to the city side of Wesley College and is easily recognisable by white umbrellas in the forecourt.  There is free parking in the centre lanes of St Kilda Road, with many trams stopping at the door. 

If you are having trouble with transport, seek further information or just need a chat, about ISFAF and/or issues faced by carers please phone: Judi M: 0425 723 746 or Eleni M: 0412 018 722. Please come early to chat and to enjoy delicious food which will be available from 7.10pm Due to security needs, we are required to pay a concierge at the door of the building.  If you come late you may not be able to enter.


VISIT TO  JUSTIN ART HOUSE MUSEUM 11am Sunday 10 September
Cnr Lumley Court and Williams Rd Prahran 

Enjoy two concurrent exhibitions and of course, as always – food, friendship, shared experiences, openness and camaraderie at ISFAF events. 

PAPER: The Permanence of the Temporary is showing in the main gallery, examining the temporal and fragile nature of paper and how this contrasts with the permanence associated with art. 

JAHM acquisitions, including challenging AI generated paintings, conceptual and media-based art and a range of works offer much food for thought in the upstairs apartment, where we will be offered delicious buffet ‘snacks’ in Charlie and Leah Justin’s delightful home designed by their daughter. 

Prompt booking is essential to secure your place. The museum has limited numbers which cannot be extended. Secure places will be allocated strictly in order of receipt of donation to: 

1. Westpac ISFAF Community BSB 033-169 A/c No: 258307, $8 pensioners, $12 non-pensioners 
2. ensure that your deposit shows your name, 
3. immediately after making the deposit, email with proof of booking. 
4. Look out for a response email, which you will receive by around 5 September. 
5. If you do not receive confirmation by 5 September, please email: