A Path to Follow

An invitation from Kirstie Edwards, Founding Director, A Path To Follow

I am looking to begin a parent/carer group for those who care for young people with mental health related life challenges in the coming weeks.

This will be a combination of casual meets up with liked minded people, alongside internally and externally facilitated sessions where we provide mental health related education and trial some self-care related activities that are available to community.

If you know of someone who might be interested, please copy and paste the below blurb and email to them.  We will follow up all interest personally to ensure the group is a good fit for the person and the person for the group.

Parent/Carer Group Expression of Interest

Are you a parent/carer of a young people with mental health related life challenges?

Do you sometimes feel isolated and alone in navigating their world?

Do you feel you could benefit from sharing time with other people like you?

Are you open to try new strategies and activities to support yourself?

Finally, do you live locally to Bentleigh or would be willing to travel there on a fortnightly basis?

 If you answered yes to more than a couple of these questions, it would be great to meet you!!  Please feel out a couple of questions for us to get the ball rolling (link below).

Don’t worry too much about the finer details at this stage, like is my child too old at 20 years? I am a nana or a foster carer, do I fit this group? One of our A Path To Follow Peers will be in contact with you to personally discuss your preferences.

With thanks,

Kirstie Edwards
Founding Director
A Path To Follow
0478 310 145
Inc. No. A0118403G

APTF Inc. acknowledges, respects and celebrates the diverse living and lived experiences of our Consumer, Carer and Sibling Peers. We recognise our individual and collective experiences of mental ill-health and wellbeing and are determined to use this expertise for the benefit of our future community