Same SANE but Different – a message from SANE CEO Rachel Green


You can read about the new direction for SANE via the link below:


Making Space For People With Complex Mental Health Issues and Trauma

To support this direction, we have also developed a louder, bolder new visual identity to help SANE stand up and stand out. You might have noticed our logo has changed. Our colours too.

Our new brand aims to connect with people with complex mental health issues in what is already a crowded mental health space. SANE is ready to break barriers, raise expectations and challenge our society to be more comfortable with difference.

SANE’s new brand is all about making space for difference. Letters grow and shrink out of place; shapes are disrupted and colours are unapologetic – creating a fearless voice for change and stronger presence.

We want the new brand mark for SANE to make people stop and think and hopefully consider whether as a society we need to learn to be more comfortable with difference, push boundaries and make space for people with complex mental health issues.

Watch our new video ‘We’re People Like You’ here