Excerpt from Mental Health Australia Weekly Update 10 April 2024

NDIS Legislation Presentation

The National Disability Insurance Agency last week provided stakeholders with a sharable presentation about the recent proposed legislation to the National Disability Insurance Scheme. The PDF presentation is attached.

Plain English/easy read material that explains what is included in the Bill, is also available on the DSS website.

The proposed legislation is the first important step to put in place the scaffolding needed to start making the NDIS stronger and to improve outcomes for NDIS participants.

The purpose of the legislation is two-fold, it:

  • Creates the scaffolding needed to progress key NDIS Review recommendations, in partnership with people with disability and the disability community.
  • Clarifies the intention of existing legislation to improve the delivery of the Scheme now. These adjustments will make legislation clearer and reinforce the original intent of the Scheme.

The proposed legislation is informed by feedback from people with disability, their families, carers and the broader disability community over many years—and importantly, it is informed by the NDIS Review.

In addition, the NDIS Amendment (Getting the NDIS Back on Track No. 1) Bill 2024 is available on the Parliament of Australia website and further information is available on the Department of Social Services websi

Inner South Family and Friends Monthly Support Group Meeting


GUEST SPEAKER: TING TING HUI, Graduate Clinical Nurse Educator, AMAH

The research study focuses on developing a co-designed lifestyle intervention aimed at improving the physical health of young people with early psychosis. The research team is currently seeking participation from carers or parents whose loved one is a current or past client of the Youth Early Psychosis Program at Headspace. The aim is to explore their views on the physical health and wellbeing of young people with early psychosis and what can be done to improve their physical health.


Viandro is a Teaching Associate at Monash University’s Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences; Chair, SHPA Mental Health Leadership Committee. As well as his lead role in mental health pharmaceuticals at AMAH, he has been heavily involved in the roll out and implementation of the Take Home Naloxone Program across Alfred Health. His knowledge of medications is inexhaustible. Bring your questions and notepads and fasten your seat belts for a very worthwhile evening.

VENUE: AMAH Level 4, 549 St Kilda Road, Melbourne
Lots of free parking in the centre lanes of St Kilda Road and Mowbray Street, with many trams stopping at the door.

If you are having trouble with transport, seek further information or just need a chat, about ISFAF and/or issues faced by carers please phone Judi on 0425 723 746 or Eleni on 0412 018 722.  Please come early to chat and to enjoy delicious snacks which will be available from 7.10pm.  For security, we are required to pay a concierge at the door of the building. Latecomers may not be able to enter.

From North Road Medical Centre News Letter – Advance Care Planning

Advance care planning can include:

  • Appointing someone – think about who you trust to make medical decision on your behalf if you were unable to. You can complete a legal form to appoint this person as your Medical Treatment Decision Maker
  • Chatting and communicating – talk to family, friends and doctors about what is important to you. Discuss your values, preferences and what you would find unacceptable in relation to your health.
  • Putting it on paper – you can write down your values, preferences and what is important to you in an Advance Care Directive.

Benefits of advance care planning:

  • Families of people who have done advance care planning experience less anxiety, depression and stress and are more satisfied with care received
  • It reduces non-beneficial transfers to acute care and unwanted interventions.
  • It improves end-of-life care, and person and family satisfaction with care

Find out more about advance care planning at:

Advance Care Planning Australia

Alfred Health Advance Care Planning

Department of Health

Discovery College April – June 2024

We’re bringing it back by popular demand!

The course Making Sense of Senses will bring people together to explore the relationship between our senses and mental health. We will explore how sensory modulation and your environment, and each of the 8 senses can impact your mood and wellbeing. Several practical activities will be used to learn about how these feelings differ from person to person. This course might change the way you see yourself and others!

Is there a RIGHT way to think about mental health?

In this course, we take a step back to look at the big picture – what is mental health and what are the ways we can think about it? We’ll dive into language – its importance, impact and how it shapes people’s views around mental health. We’re going to explore different lived and professional perspectives to think about what challenges and shapes our own ideas on mental health. We’re also going to look at how mental health has changed over time and even think about what it might look like in the future.

Inner South Family and Friends Carer Support Meeting 12 March 2024



First Step operates with the firm belief that everybody deserves every chance to turn their lives around. As a not-for-profit addiction and mental health service, its uniquely multi-disciplinary team of GPs, psychologists, psychiatrists, lawyers, mental health nurses, care coordinators, counsellors, men’s and women’s groups, mental health and legal services hub in St Kilda provide free services to thousands of vulnerable Victorians every year.

TIME: 7.30pm 

VENUE: 4TH Floor, Downer Building, 549 St Kilda Road, Melbourne
549 St Kilda Rd is a little to the city side of Wesley College, easily recognizable by white umbrellas in the forecourt.  Lots of free parking in the centre lanes of St Kilda Road and nearby Moubray Street, with many trams stopping near the door. 

If you are having trouble with transport, seek further information, or just need a chat about ISFAF and/or issues faced by carers please phone: Judi M: 0425 723 746 or Eleni M: 0412 018 722 

Please come early to chat and to enjoy delicious snacks provided by committee from 7.05 pm 

Attendance and membership are free, but please come prepared to add a small donation into ISFAF’s donation tin. 

Due to security needs, we pay a concierge at the door of the building- but for a limited time only.  If you come late, you can try to enter by phoning 0425 723 746 but you may not to be able to enter the building.