Ministerial Communique Number 5 May 2014

The recommissioning of Mental Health Community Support Services (MHCSS) is now complete.  The Hon Mary Woodridge MP, Minister for Mental Health has announced the succesful organisations selected to deliver services in the fifteen catchment areas. 

The Mental Health Community Support Sevices (formerly known as PDRSS) will deliver flexible client support packages.

“While supporting people to develop the life skills to live well in the community and better manage their mental illness remains central, there will be a stronger focus on helping clients to secure and maintain stable housing, develop relationships, improve their health and wellbeing, or find suitable employment.

The majority of the MHCSS funding ($60 million per annum) will be spent on delivery of Individualised Client Support Packages. This includes $2.5 million per annum in new funding.

Fourteen providers (involving 19 individual agencies) will deliver these support packages. In many catchments, clients will have the choice of three providers.

The second key change is the new local intake assessment service which will make it easy for people with a psychiatric disability and referring agencies to access support and to exercise more choice over this support.” (quote from Ministerial Communique Number 5)

Approved Providers by Catchment and Function in Bayside
Bayside includes LGAs: Cities of Bayside, Glen Eira, Kingston, Port Phillip and Stonnington
Individual Support Packages: Inner South Community Health, The Uniting Church of Australia (in partnership with Sacred Heart Mission)
Youth Residential Rehabilitation: Neami (Moorabbin)
Catchment-based Intake Assessment: Neami
Catchment-based Planning: The Uniting Church of Australia