Carers Victoria – The Voice September 2022

30 years, 30 stories
New videos
of carer stories

Momentum for Carers Victoria’s
30 years, 30 stories anniversary campaign is building with four
new carer stories now available
by video.

Naomi cares for her daughter Sarah, who needs 24-hour care. Every time Naomi takes Sarah to hospital for an accident or check-up, Naomi is asked by the staff if she has medical training because she is so familiar with medical terminology. “I know more about the brain than a lot of GPs or hospital staff,” Naomi says. “You can’t be treated like an idiot by doctors if you know what you are talking about. Nobody knows my Sarah like I do.”

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30 years, 30 stories
Do you have a story to tell?

Members of Carers Victoria are invited to share their story about life as a carer and submit it to be considered for our 30 years, 30 stories anniversary campaign.

You are welcome to write your story yourself or answer some questions, which we will use to write your story for you. Not all stories will be chosen for the website.

Follow the link below to find out how you can share your story and be part of the campaign.

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