BreakThrough Family Sessions November and December 2020

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Since 2015, this unique program has helped family members across Victoria better understand drug use, improve communication and wellbeing, and access appropriate support networks. BreakThrough offers practical strategies and provides an opportunity for family members to connect and learn from each other.

BreakThrough sessions are free and go for 1 hour. Facilitators present on a particular topic and encourage discussion and Q&A.

It’s important to note that BreakThrough is an education program and while each session includes group discussion about a particular topic or theme, people requiring more intensive support in relation to their own circumstances are strongly encouraged to contact Family Drug and Gambling Help on 1300 660 068 to speak to a trained volunteer with personal experience of a loved one’s drug use.


Wednesday 16 November
Dual Diagnosis (Alcohol & Other Drugs/Mental Health)
Special event

Tuesday 22 November
12 – 2pm
Families Understanding Addiction – Bendigo

Wednesday 30 November
How to practice self care
Special event

Wednesday 7 December
Dealing with drama: How to minimise conflict over the holiday season
Special event

Participants are welcome to join any or all of the sessions by registering via the links provided or the BreakThrough website:

Contact Glenn Hunter on with any queries.

BreakThrough is a partnership between Turning Point and Family Drug and Gambling Help at Self-Help Addiction Resource Centre (SHARC) and is funded by the Victorian Department of Health.