Turning Point Connect & Learn webinar

Connect & Learn webinar
“Every time we relapse, I learn more”:
Using ethnographic research to understand the ways people find of ‘living with’ harmful methamphetamine use, presented by Samuel Brookfield, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, UQ School of Public Health. 
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Samuel Brookfield is a postdoctoral research fellow at the UQ School of Public Health after recently completing his PhD research with people attempting recovery from harmful methamphetamine use. Sam is also a registered nurse and has worked in emergency, education, and humanitarian contexts most recently with the International Committee of the Red Cross. His research agenda is aimed towards improving health care for marginalised populations through understanding complex experiences of health and illness.

Webinar Objectives:

  • Explore barriers and enablers for accessing recovery services for people using methamphetamine in Queensland.
  • Understand the ways some people ‘live with’ harmful drug use similar to other long term health issues, and the ways this can support harm reduction approaches.
  • Understand the complex and competing values that people using methamphetamine can hold, and how these can both promote and inhibit recovery.

Connect & Learn is a series of case-based webinars funded by the Department of Health, designed to support AOD clinicians throughout regional and metropolitan Victoria. Webinars are presented by experienced clinicians currently working in the AOD sector and facilitated by Turning Point.

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