World Mental Health Day 10 October 2021


What will be your one thing this World Mental Health Day?

It’s nearly here! World Mental Health Day is this Sunday 10 October.

How are you planning to look after your mental health, and what might your #MentalHealthPromise be?

The Look after your mental health, Australia website has lots of suggestions about how families, workplaces, young adults and older Australians can look after their mental health and support others.

But between lockdowns, home schooling, essential outings, essential work, and working from home – it’s also not surprising to be feeling overwhelmed.

So, just pick one thing to focus on, or even to promise yourself. It could be a walk in nature, a screen-free day, cuddles with the kids or ‘fur-babies’, a phone call to a friend or five minutes of mindful breathing. Try to pick one. And just stick with that.

This World Mental Health Day – Sunday 10 October – to look after your mental health, remember to look up for the positives, look out for others and find something to look forward to. And to help reduce stigma and connect communities you can share that one thing by making a mental health promise via this link.

Thanks and cheers

The World Mental Health Day Team

PS For some fun or ‘funny’ ideas to #LookAfterYourMentalHealth check out this video below by comedians Claire Hooper, Carolyn Swindell, Mel Buttle and Dilruk Jayasinha.