Vic Health Update 1 February 2024

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2024, here we come! 

Since our very first day we’ve been advocating for good health for all Victorians. 37 years on and our goal is still the same.

Here’s an overview of (some of) the work we’re doing this year and what you can expect to hear about from us over the next 12 months. 

Future Healthy programs 

Not only do we believe all young people deserve a future that is healthy, but we also think they should help shape what that future actually looks like. This idea lives at the core of all our Future Healthy initiatives and is the reason so many of our programs are self-determined by young people. 

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Future Reset 

This year will have a strong focus on highlighting mental health literacy. 

As we continue to work with our arts partners to enhance mental wellbeing and social connection through building meaningful and inclusive environments.

Future Active

Co-designing safe, inclusive and welcoming space for young people remains our top priority.

Together with Reclink we will continue to utilise underused spaces in the community to encourage more young people to be physically active.

Food Hubs 

This year our food hub partners will continue to empower the next generation to learn about the food system and how they can mobilise their communities to transform their local areas. 

Celebrating diverse food cultures and social connection will also remain a focus in this space.