ISFAF Meeting Tuesday 14 May 2013

We welcome you to our May support group meeting to hear guest speaker Angela Ireland, from Family Drug Help.  Angela is extremely well qualified to discuss the effect that substance abuse and mental illness can have on their family members.  Angela developed the Action for Recovery course (ARC) for Family Drug Help at SHARC and is currently working on an online program for siblings.  Family Drug Help and the Self Help Addiction Resource Centre (sharc) are located at 140 Grange Road, Carnegie.

“Family Drug Help (FDH) is a service designed specifically to address the support and information needs of parents, other family members and significant others of someone with problematic alcohol or other drug use. People with personal experience of the effects of alcohol or other drug use within their family or friendship group are involved at all levels of the service.

Family Drug Help’s mission is to provide peer support and access to reliable information about alcohol and other drugs as well as available treatment options. FDH aims to reduce the alcohol and drug related harm experienced by families and friends of a person misusing these substances and to strengthen families in their support of that person.”  Extract from website