At his recent 80th birthday our brave carer Frank chose as a birthday present from his wife to do a parachute jump.  An excited group of relatives and friends gathered at the Lilydale Aerodrome to watch this momentous event.  After waiting several hours the group was eagerly anticipating Frank’s jump.  At last our brave carer was up in the air and we sighted him descending through the clouds at about 10,000 feet.  We watched with fascination and some nervousness as he floated down towards the landing area.  We shouted ‘legs up’, ‘legs up’ as per instructions.  However, Frank was in control and made a perfect landing.  We were all very excited and relieved that he was safe on the ground again.  He described it as quite a surreal experience coming down at a high speed.  The DVD shows him looking terrified at first then smiling as he starts to feel the excitement and pleasure of the parachute jump.  None of the spectators, except for his son, were keen to follow Frank’s example.