Enough is Enough


Kieren Carroll is a well recognised playwright, son of Frank and Judy Carroll, whose current play is to be performed next weekend. What a wonderful way to return to live theatre. If you go on Sunday, you’ll meet friends in the audience.

Enough is Enough Landscape

Commissioned by the City of Kingston, Enough is Enough is a new, locally produced theatrical production that examines the harmful effects of gambling. Utilising a response from a community call out and supported by three experienced actors, Enough is Enough is written and devised by award winning Edithvale playwright, Kieran Carroll (Sons of Sun, The Truth is Longer Than a Lie, NEWK – The John Newcombe Story).

Enough is Enough is set around a bayside hotel which has both the TAB and the pokies. Dangerously, the hotel is open until 5am. Four addicted gamblers from different socio-economic and educational backgrounds find themselves trapped inside the worlds of the hotel. Their lives unravel over the course of the play. One heads towards criminal activity, one seeks counselling and finds hope and support, one falls ill but still cannot stop gambling, one knows no other life after so much grief. All lose relationships and real connections with those they care about.

The four characters are watched over by a bar worker, a non-gambler, who herself is torn emotionally with the work of seeing other lives ruined by gambling. She needs a job but feels complicit in their suffering.

A narrator and counsellor complete the casting giving the audience insights into a Victorian government history of gambling, coping techniques and ways the general public can recognise when people are gambling and suffering privately.

The debut performances of Enough is Enough are free community awareness events. With one event being in the afternoon and the other in the evening, City of Kingston is aiming for a wide cross-section of people to attend to discuss this crucial and highly vexing community problem.

Tim Costello

Following the performance we will be joined by Tim Costello AO, Chief Advocate for Alliance for Gambling Reform who will share about the history of gambling reform and what we can do about this issue that continues to have a devastating impact on our communities.

Chelsea Activity Hub – Sunday 28 November, 2.30pm

Shirley Burke Theatre – Monday 29 November, 7.30pm

Chelsea Activity Hub & Shirley Burke Theatre,

75 + Post Show talk with Tim Costello AO

General admission

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