Carers Voice September 2018

Launch of Victorian Government Carer Strategy 2018-22

At Parliament House today, Martin Foley, Minister for Housing, Disability and Ageing; Mental Health; Equality; Creative Industries and Gabrielle Williams, Parliamentary Secretary for Carers and Volunteers launched a whole of Victorian Government Carer Strategy 2018-22 recognising and supporting Victoria’s carers.

Carers Victoria has played a pivotal consultancy role in the development of the strategy which aims to improve supports and recognise carers for their important role in the community.

Carers Victoria CEO Scott Walker highlighted the significance of the milestone.  “A whole-of-Government-Carer-Strategy is essential in ensuring carers are respected, valued and supported, while having the same rights, choices and opportunities as other members of the community”, he said.

“Today’s Victorian Carer Strategy wonderfully reflects the diversity of Victoria’s 736,000 carers – recognising what we have in common without eliminating the important differences. The Victorian Carer Strategy highlights that carers come from all walks of life. Carers are represented in all genders, sexual orientations, cultural backgrounds, localities, employment and age.

Carers Victoria is really pleased to see these widespread carers concerns have been picked up in each of the five priorities announced today – recognition, acknowledgement and respect; health and wellbeing; participation in the workforce, schooling and study; access to support and services and financial security.

Carers Victoria welcomes the Andrews Government’s commitment to continue to consult with carers, service providers and peak agencies about the progress of the Strategy’s implementation,” said Mr Walker.

For further information about the Strategy refer to the Carers Victoria website.

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