NDIS – Manage your plan with the my NDIS app

Manage your plan wherever you are with the my NDIS app with a cartoon of a hand pointing at an iphone

Manage your plan wherever you are with the my NDIS app

We created the my NDIS app (opens in new window) to make managing your NDIS plan easier and more convenient.

Participants and their families told us that the myplace participant portal is difficult to navigate and confusing.

The my NDIS app:

  • improves accessibility
  • makes self-managing your NDIS plan easy
  • allows you to claim on the go.

Since the release of the app, we have added lots of new features. You can now make claims even faster by saving claims you use a lot as a favourite. You can also view all your NDIS budgets in the app, not just your self-managed budget.

We will continue to improve the app and add new features. We want to make sure the app continues to be accessible and useful for all.

If you have any questions about the app, call us on 1800 800 110. You can also talk to us using live webchat (opens in new window) or send an email to enquiries@ndis.gov.au.

Learn more and download (opens in new window).