CEO Update Mental Health Australia 11 March 2022

Let’s be clear on the value of carers

The Disability Royal Commission has released an overview of responses to the violence and abuse of people with disability issues paper which highlighted cases in which ‘carers’ were perpetrators of abuse. Carers Australia Acting CEO Melanie Cantwell said, “Every day, over 2.65 million unpaid family and friend carers provide care and support to people living with disability, chronic or life-limiting illness, those who are frail aged or have a mental illness, alcohol or other drug related condition. The vast majority of carers provide this care and support with empathy, love, and respect. The term ‘carer’ should not be confused with ‘abuser’ or used broadly and without context to describe a paid care worker, foster carer or a family member or friend who is not, in fact, a carer as defined by the Carer Recognition Act 2010 (Commonwealth). There are different issues and solutions for paid care workers and unpaid carers, and the Royal Commission needs to recognise this.”

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CEO Update Mental Health Australia