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Dear Carers,

Evan from Carer Gateway is looking to launch a six-episode Carer focused podcast this year.

If you’re interested in sharing your experiences as a Carer, please send through your interest to Evan by Friday 14th January 2022 via email or phone.


Phone: 0402 903 871

Carers who are selected for the podcast will be compensated for their time with a $200 Prezi voucher.

Please see below for full details of the podcast.

Hi there,

This year Merri Health will be launching a six-episode carer focused podcast. The podcast will profile the experiences of carers in Victoria, tell stories that are hopeful in nature and promote the work of the Carer Gateway.

Each episode will profile at least two carers in different parts of Victoria. I’ll be producing the podcast with the support of Merri Health’s Marketing and Communications Team.

If you’re interested in the style of the podcast – I would recommend having a listen to the series re:location that I made a year ago: . A more recent podcast but in a slightly different style is Imagining Australia:

Over the next fortnight, I am looking to lock-in interviewees for the podcast. It’s really important that we have a diverse range of carers for the podcast who have contrasting care relationships. For example (and not limited to the following), carers supporting their: parents, young children, siblings, extended family, friends or partners.

Interviewees will be asked to reflect broadly on their experiences as a carer. I’m keen to explore personal backgrounds, interests, goals and people/organisations/groups who are important to  the interviewees. The interviews will also cover the challenges and positive aspects of being a carer.

With the focus on different communities, I’m also keen to look at the connection that carers have with the place they live. This could be why  the area is special to the interviewee,  what carers love about the place they call home (e.g beach, community, local organisations, friends, music, work, nature, cafes, pubs etc.) and what daily life looks like.

All carers who are selected for the podcast will be compensated for their time with a $200 Prezi voucher. It is not a requirement for interviewees to have been supported through the Carer Gateway. However, it is important that some carers have had this experience.

I am expecting the interviews will take an hour to complete, with some time for chats before meeting. For audio quality, all interviews will take place in-person. We would like all interviews and editing to be completed by the end of February.

Anyone who is interested in being interviewed for the podcast is invited to send me their interest by Friday 14 January. Please let me know where you live, who you care for, and your  general age bracket (e.g. teens, 40s, 60s )

I will be in contact over the coming weeks to have a chat via phone to get a bit more background from potential interviewees and to talk through what the recording process will look like.  Unfortunately, there won’t be scope to interview everyone.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me either via email or phone (0402 903 871).

Many thanks,


Partnership Coordinator

Carer Gateway