Mental Health Legal Services

“Victoria Legal Aid has been confirmed as the new provider of legal services for people with a mental illness expanding on its existing services.  Victoria Legal Aid currently provides around 73 per cent of representations before the Mental Health Review Board and will now provide a minimum extra 300 representations a year, supporting people with mental health issues in both an inpatient environment and in the community.

As a statewide agency, Victoria Legal Aid has a number of regional offices and local connections, has demonstrated abilities to provide a holistic assessment of client’s legal needs, work across the mental health system and make referrals to appropriate specialist supports.

The services currently provided by the Mental Health Legal Centre are contracted to 30 June 2013.  The Department of Health is working closely with the Mental Health Legal Centre and Victoria Legal Aid to support a smooth transition, ensuring that services are seamlessly available for people with a mental illness.”

From Mental Health Drugs and Regions Division, Department of Health, 50 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne 3000, 18 June 2013