Invitation from Heidi Everett to a Zoom Event

Invitation from Heidi Everett to a Zoom event
Dear all creatives and miscreants,

I'm pleased to be inviting everyone to the next Schizy Speaks event, bang on trend for World Mental Health Day 2020.
for World Mental Health Day 2020.
This'll be a doozy!

Sandy Jeffs speaks to moi, Heidi Everett.

Zoom event.
Friday 9th October 2pm AEST / 12pm WA.
Register for link:
Or reply directly to this email.
Don't miss it, because if you do, you won't know.


Sandy Jeffs is an author born in Ballarat and has a BA from La Trobe University. She has lived with schizophrenia and all its moods for over thirty years. She is a community educator who speaks to schools, universities and community groups about what it’s like to live with a mental illness.

Sandy is the author of the bestselling Poems from the Madhouse (1993; reprinted 2000, 2001), Loose Kangaroos (co-author, 1998), Blood Relations (2000), Confessions of a Midweek Lady: Tall Tennis Tales (2001), and The Wings of Angels: A memoir of madness (2004), her autobiography, Flying with Paper Wings: Reflections on Living With Madness (2009), The Mad Poet’s Tea Party (2015) and Chiaroscuro (2015).


Sandy Jeffs’ recent book ‘Out of the Madhouse: From Asylums to Caring Community?’ explores Larundel through the voices of former inmates and staff, exposing the best and worst aspects of the mental institutions of the times.