Star Healths Mental Health Integrated Complex Care Program (MHICC)


Star Healths Mental Health Integrated Complex Care Program (MHICC) is a federally funded program that can provide. 

  • Mental Health Nurses and Social Workers to each consumer. 
  • Mental health support to consumers with mental health symptoms/diagnosis. 
  • Care -coordination and social work support to access NDIS. 
  • Trauma informed counselling and links to health and community services 
  • Lived Experienced/Peer worker available.

The MHICC program is open for referrals in the areas of Bayside, Kingston, Stonington and Glen Eira areas.

About Us 

The MHICC program supports consumers that have a moderate to severe mental health diagnosis and complex care needs which is impacting on their lives. We work with people from 14 + and can provide tailored support for 6-12 months to assist in a consumer in their mental health recovery through care coordination and psychological linkage and support. 

Referrals go through SEMPHN, contact SEMPHN direct and request Star Health MHICC program on 1800 862 363