Carers Vic – Carers Count Too

Do you think carers should have better support? Let’s get loud for carers!

With the Victorian State Election set for Saturday 26 November, now is the time to advocate for better support for carers.

Anyone who joins our call will be equipped with the tools and techniques they need to write to, or meet with, their member of the Victorian Parliament.

The more voices we have speaking up for carers, the harder it will be for our state politicians to ignore us!

We are calling on the Victorian Government to ensure carers receive the support they need. It’s time to care for the carers, because they count too.

Click on the link below to find out how to advocate for better support for carers in the Victorian State Election.

Access our advocacy tips and tools

Read the Carers Victoria Election Statement here.

Our election statement prioritises five key areas of change that are vitally needed to make carers lives better. We have developed these from your feedback, survey responses and conversations. This week we are launching our campaign to get the attention of politicians and ask them to commit to these priorities. You may see us in the media and across social media. We will be meeting with MPs and reaching out to other organisations in the carer landscape to share our messages.

Your voice will help our message to be heard, so let’s get loud for carers!