A Message from Heidi Everett, Producer and Film Director August 2021

Hi friends interested in mental health and/or the arts,
I’m very pleased to share with you my latest arts project around mental health and advocacy, Qualia *Original’ short film. It’s been a long time coming thanks to ‘covidity cancel culture’. 
This is a short film capturing the mood of Australia’s psychiatric system, through the eyes of three diverse people.
Qualia film isn’t about the usual desperate conversation around beds or illness prevention, but makes a clear statement about access and dignity that hasn’t been made apparent in mental health and humanity.
Please see link below and happy to chat further over email about any issues raised, or ideas about how we might improve things. I have a feeling the answers to our beleaguered mental health system don’t lie in building more hosptial beds.
The artists in the Qualia film are people with living experience of the story they tell:
Jessica Cochran, Maggie Toko and Xavier Guault.
The filmmaker is Rachel Edward.
Thank you,
Heidi Everett
Producer and Qualia Director.
Qualia *Original short film: