Hoarding Home Solutions July 2021

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FAQ: Do you watch the hoarding TV shows? Do you like them?

Answer: What makes good television seldom makes good practice. The shocking environment, frustrated family members and resistant person at the centre of the drama makes for entertaining viewing.  Unfortunately, rapid cleanouts focus on taking care of the results of the hoarding behaviour but do not address the underlying issue. Feelings of loss and anger can create severe emotional distress and statistics from the USA indicate that in over 50% of cases the person will quickly reacquire and in 15% of cases the hoarding worsens.

The Adventures of Kat

Kat Looks for Shelter

Kat was glad to have Bill back again. She had melted into his reassuring arms when he’d come home the night before. But then she hadn’t slept a wink. His words kept ringing in her ears. “I’ll order a skip tomorrow.” Can she come up with an alternative?

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