The ABC Your Mental Health September 2021

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Hello! Sana from ABC Radio National’s podcast All in the Mind here.

This week marked RU OK day, and really, are any of us fully OK, this long into the pandemic? The annual event has received a lot of criticism over the years about its perceived tokenism, its utility, and its purpose. Despite that, the original intent remains commendable: making space to talk about mental health. But really, that’s something we should feel OK to discuss every day! So, while the day has passed for this year, let’s keep the conversation going. In this newsletter, we look at why young people in particular are feeling lonelier in lockdown, practical ways to stay on top of your mental health, and why one woman wants to kick the stigma around taking anti-depressant medication. As for me, some days I’m OK — I can accept that life is just weird at the moment, but it won’t be forever —  other days, less so, but I muddle through. Then there are days where I’m totally not OK; panicked I’ll never see my family in Canada again (it’s been two years and counting), worried my friendships will dissolve without regular contact, and anxious my baby will never learn to connect with people who aren’t his parents. Luckily for me, those days are pretty rare. I hope however OK you are or aren’t, you can find some solace in the stories below.

Till next time, Sana