Tandem Enews Edition 179, 9 August 2022

Dear members and supporters,

The last fortnight has been busy in the mental health reform space, with some exciting new developments taking shape. Here are 6 things you can do this week to help improve the Mental Health and Wellbeing System. 

1. Write to your local Member of the Legislative Council to support the passing of the Mental Health and Wellbeing Bill

Thank you to all Tandem members who wrote to their local MP or used their personal social media channels to support the passing of the Mental Health and Wellbeing Bill. The Bill passed through the Lower House of Parliament last week! It will now be debated by Victoria’s Upper House, the Legislative Council.

Help to maintain the momentum by writing to your local Member of the Legislative Council to encourage their support of the Bill. In case you missed it, our CEO Marie Piu recently joined other leaders to support the passage of the Bill. Read more about this below!

2. Have a say on Victoria’s new suicide prevention and response strategy

You are invited to help shape Victoria’s new suicide prevention and response strategy. The strategy includes several Royal Commission recommendations within it, including ways to provide support to people bereaved by suicide, and to set up a statewide, peer call-back service for families, carers and supporters caring for people experiencing suicidal thoughts and behaviour.

Participate by filling in a survey or by making a public submission via the Engage Victoria website by Monday 29 August.

3. Check out the engagement calendar for the strategy towards elimination of seclusion and restraint – and consider applying to join the External Working Group

There are opportunities to participate in the development of this strategy, outlined in the engagement calendar on the Mental Health and Wellbeing Reform website. Expressions of interest are currently open for an External Working Group, which will develop specific elements of the strategy using co-design principles. Expressions of Interest close 2 September 2022. If you are interested in joining the group, please read the description position and email the completed EOI form to mentalhealthpolicy@health.vic.gov.au.

4. Read the new Service Framework for Local Services

A new Service Framework for Local Adult and Older Adult Mental Health and Wellbeing Services (Local Services) has been developed to guide the operation and service delivery of Local Services across Victoria. Up to 60 new Local Services will provide an easy way to get treatment and support for people aged 26 years and over who are experiencing mental health challenges – including people with alcohol and drug addiction treatment and care needs. Read more about Local Services, and find out the location for the first 27 of these.

5. Spread the word about Our Reform conference and get a ticket if you haven’t already!

This landmark event will be an excellent opportunity to understand what is happening in the mental health reform space, and get stuck into some conversations about making real change.

6. Join our Participation Register

Tandem Participation Register gives participants the opportunity to represent Tandem at events as well as shape the direction of Victoria’s mental health reform. Register to join here

We hope you enjoy taking these small but significant steps to making a real difference!

You can read the complete enews by clicking on the link below:

Tandem enews 9 August 2022