Tandem eNews 28 April 2020

Dear Tandem members and supporters,

The Mental Health Carer Support Fund (CSF) is a Victorian government program run by Tandem which provides financial support to family and friends supporting someone who is registered with an Area Mental Health Service.

In late March in response to COVID-19 we temporarily replaced posting physical vouchers with direct bank transfers to eligible family and friends of people receiving support from an Area Mental Health Service.

Additionally, the Victorian government has provided $130,000 of COVID-19 Emergency Relief funding to the Carer Support Fund. The new funding will enable family and friends of people using Victoria’s Area Mental Health Services to buy essential items like food, petrol, personal items, access to data and phones or tablets, etc.

The COVID-19 Emergency Relief funds will be capped at $300 per application and the existing overall caps still apply. The application process continues as usual, please contact your loved one’s Area Mental Health Service case manager for more information on eligibility and how to apply.

Tandem’s letter to Area Health Services can be viewed over here.

In this issue:

    • Tandem Live Guided Meditations – every Thursday 12pm
    • Second Royal Commission Members Meeting – Tues 5th May
    • Tandem Time – fortnightly Thursdays 10am
    • eFriend peer support service launched
    • MyTime support groups for families with a child with a disability
    • Video: Love, Loss, Loneliness (and a Pinch of Humor) Under Lockdown
    • Lotti’s story: caring remotely in the time of COVID-19 https://mailchi.mp/2761d112359e/dfxn4oqrm0-3872708?e=34088e3417TP

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