Tandem eNews 23 March 2023

Dear members and supporters,

Ramadan Kareem to all of our Muslim families beginning their Ramadan celebrations today!

We are sending a special edition of eNews today to ask for your input into our advocacy work on the NDIS Review.

If you have experiences of the NDIS as a family member, carer or supporter, please complete our survey.

We’re interested in understanding the impact of the NDIS on you as the family member, carer or supporter – rather than on the person you support – so please keep this in mind as you answer the questions.

We also encourage you to make your own statement to the NDIS Review, which you can do by either answering some questions, or by uploading a written, audio or video submission. The person you support can make a statement too.

Did you miss out on asking the Minister your question?

Thanks again to everyone who attended our Members’ Meeting in March. If you attended but did not get a chance to ask Minister Williams your question, please email it to us and we will follow up, as promised on the day.

You can access the Tandem eNews via this link: Tandem eNews March 2023