Mojo Film Festival 7.30pm 24 May 2020

Schizy Inc
!Mojo Film Festival Gala Online Screening Event 2020!
Sunday 24 May 7:30pm
Your house.
*What is this?
Curation of 15+ new very short films made by filmmakers with living experience of mental health recovery for World Schizophrenia Day 2020.
On the theme ‘life interrupted’.
It’s all happening on Youtube, so all you need to do to attend this event is click on the link at around 7:20pm on Sunday night!
*Why this?

Mojo supports a new genre of filmmaking – these films are not about us, they are by us.

Mojo Film Festival starts in March every year. It’s a program out of the house of Schizy Inc, a collective of creatives advocating positivity around lived experience through the arts.

For three months, we run filmmaking workshops and we create positive media around schizophrenia and similar mental health realities. Anyone can promote messages about the burden of mental illness and stigmatising news reporting, but Schizy Inc flips the coin.

The Mojo Gala event night on World Schizophrenia Day is a creative, joyous party and we want you to be there!

*How to Mojo?

1. Youtube at 7:30pm (AEST) on Sunday 24 May.
2. Join the live chat with filmmakers, guest VIPS and Schizy Inc.
3. Wear PJ bling! Share your photo’s on the Mojo Facebook page.
If you’re joining from another country, check your local time with AEST.


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See you there..