Alfred Health Speak Project

We are contacting you about being a part of the SPEAK project.

We are trying to improve health services for people with disabilities when they come to the hospital.

The aim of the project is for people with disabilities and their carers to feel safe, understood, and supported while in hospital.

We are looking for carers of people with intellectual disabilities, those with communication support needs and carers of Autistic/neuro-divers persons to join our co-design group.

You will be paid $30 per hour for your time to attend meetings.

Please see some more information about the Speak project below:

Thank you for thinking about being a part of the SPEAK project.

Do you want to improve health services for people with disability when they come to hospital?

Are you:

  • An autistic/neurodiverse person?
  • A person with an intellectual disability?
  • A person with communication support needs?
  • A person supporting someone with one of the above disabilities?
  • A person who works in healthcare?

We are looking for people like you to join our co-design groups.

  • Co-design is a way for people who have a disability to give their ideas on how to make things better.
  • Co-design also has healthcare staff and other people to make services better.

When is this happening?

  • July – December 2022
  • Up to 7 hours a month

Want to find out more?

Call or email one of the SPEAK Project team

Speak to Rusty our Co-design Consultant, or one of our Disability Consumer Consultants – Sam and Tully

Visit the SPEAK Project web page: